vm production

zero emission


Everybody is talking about Global warming, everybody knows the problems and consequences, but only few companies are taking actions. We see that auto sector is going viral with electric propulsion and people are loving it. 

who we are

The main business of the company for years was to build fiberglass boats.

We have designed and made more than 10 different models of boats of various lengths (from 4 to 10 m) and purposes. They were sold in the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and German markets. The boats we have designed and made are characterized by durability, rigidity, practicality and modern design.


Our mission is to make the top-quality items in request of global markets, to design and make the models, molds, prototypes and items from fiberglass and other materials to the customers.


The main objective of the company is quality of the made production and provided services. Therefore the manufacturing technology is updated all the time and the latest materials are used.


To create conditions for effective work, development of own skills and implementation of personal goals for employees.

We saw that boat sector is very slow with green power and we took action.